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Happy Howl-oween!

By Kim Everson, DVM
The witching hour approaches on the eve of Halloween. I spent a good deal of my day helping my kids prepare for Trick-or-Treating.
My kids–a ghostbuster, pink-haired witch and tiny dragon–husband, sister-in-law and I braved trick-or-treating in the rain this afternoon. It was typical trick-or-treating weather for Wisconsin and certainly not the worst. Amazingly the dreary drizzle did not deter other macabre revelers. Costumed kids and grown-ups–and not a few festive dogs–thronged the sidewalks of Fond du Lac.
Dressing up dogs has become a real sport. Dogs have been wearing sweaters for ages and for good reason. Very small dogs and those not designed for Wisconsin winters have a hard time maintaining their body temperature. A husky may finally be at his ease on a drify December day, but a Boston Terrier may refuse to even go out to use the bathroom!
Animal clothing has gone far beyond practical nowadays. Our pets are budding fashion models it seems. I’ve seen raincoats for labradors and tutus for teacup poodles. Some creative pet owners fashion their own designer dog digs out of newborn baby clothes.
It’s no surprise that Halloween has become a huge event for dressing up pets. Pet outfits range from minimalist to elaborate. A dog adorned with a funny hat is one thing. A dachshund wearing a hotdog bun and mustard shirt is quite another. Here’s to all the good natured dogs out there who not only tolerate but seem to enjoy the spectacle of dressing up!
Happy Howl-oween!
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